Our company offers its customers high quality services in areas such as the organization of regular transportation of part loads with all kinds of transport, customs clearance , consolidation of products and their further distribution.


Our main directions of groupage freight transportation are  - Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Belarus).

The main consolidation warehouses are in Vilnius , where we deliver cargo from all over the world by road, air and sea transport. Wide international network of partners allows us to provide the customer with the delivery of its cargo , on the basis of those criteria that are important to him at the moment, considering the cost and delivery time factor . Carrying out the order , our company cooperates only with reliable carriers and agents , whose quality of work we can always guarantee to our each client.

Organization of partial cargo transportation

This type of cargo is cost-effective if the load weight is less than 3,000 kg . , and the volume is less then 30 m3 . The fundamental economic effect is achieved by the use of a common vehicle, and thanks to the consolidation of cargo. As a rule, shipment is carried out using the consolidated warehouses in the area of cargo export. Cargo, the overall weight and volume of which, exceeds the above numbers is loaded in a warehouse of the consignor and after the after issuing the export documents, in the same vehicle, is delivered to the consignee's warehouse . In each case, after receiving the information from You about cargo and route, our experts will help you make the right choice. Our company organizes consolidation , storage, customs clearance at the warehouses of the EU, Baltic states and the CIS countries , which guarantees flexibility and efficiency of trading operations in these countries , full operational control of the deliveries from any country to Russia.

How to find out the rates and make an order

If you haven’t worked with our company yet, you can get a pre-established rates and route of delivery of your goods by sending us an email to or FAX : +370 5 2479909 . In order to obtain predetermined rates for transportation services in the request You need to specify only : place of loading , place of unloading , the weight and dimensions of the cargo.


Do not forget to specify the e-mail address , fax number , or telephone number, and contact person , where we could send You our offer.


However, as freight rates for shipping depends on many factors , in order to get the most accurate price , you must specify the following:


  • Loading place (city name and postal code)
  • Place of delivery (city name and postal code)
  • Type of cargo
  • Brutto weight
  • Volume
  • Possibility of loading cargo one on another(is the cargo stackable)
  • Type of packaging
  • The value of the goods